Wednesday, May 20, 2009

easy, with reason to picasso

-jeffery mcnary

arriving single-edged in satin shoes and all her forms, walking amid the swirling mist, un-veiled, gentle, treasured and high minded like the rain-goddess, with her un-swept hair as something from a fairy tale, deliberate and dressed for the occasion, tipped sideward she smiled…and waved. she behaved in that way.

those paintings are not mine to keep yet, still just canvas reminders of a bad storm system back talking, still impalpable, though our eyes sharpened together for a while on their surfaces. something else enlisted her, her good strange form of clarity best held for reinforcement.

i remember her standing brilliant among contrasting colors and depictions, among monsters turned to flora and recognizable things. i said ‘i love you’ aloud then, beneath the sylvette david and waved my arms toward the flicks of gray, soft, confounding brush strokes.

i’d requested a motto, a message, a thing stitched together i could fix if need be. there was the faint noise of her kiss as i traced her shoulders. there, delicate and convincing, was the shaking of her head and the tone of a bell long ago rusted which now breaks inside of me.

‘i love you’, i said to our silence darker than i recall, on the street side, between the lions, as she and chicago wrapped around me. i did not look back,
nor gird,
nor feel the release.

i will continue for a time, like the foam and waves cast out… and drawn back in.

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