Tuesday, July 14, 2009

oh tadeusz!

-jeffery mcnary
i met tadeusz bilecki at the EC Gallery in chicago's trendy, vibrant, west loop/fulton market district. here the cool mesh with the seasonal. here oprah goes to work and host her tent show. here the narative continues to seek it's tale.
here tadeusz, or 't' as i've grown to call him, hung his 'appariation of a geisha', one of the more dynamic, explosive works i've seen to date.
a prolific artist born in switzerland, 't' prefers large formats, working with metal, paper, ceramics, and fabrics. "The final choice often depends on the means (financial) available", 't' shared. "As most artist, I have dreams of monumental formats, however these dreams are unfulfilled. I like deformation of paper, which under the influence of water gains relief, becomes alive", he added.
needless to say, i was humbled to come upon to come upon tadeusz's notes and his suite of painting's tagged for this writer. as an author, i've grown acustomed to crafting about rather than crafting upon. ergo 'jeffery's ecstasy', is a thrilling, exhilarating ride.
"Oh, Jeffery! He stopped in front of the painting and produced an ecstatic shout. A big: "waouhhhhh" with his lips wide open. Ewa scared a little, not used to so enthusiastic guests. She was rather used to an audience that treat previews as an occasion to eat something and have a drink. Jeffery's enchantment was very special. Extrovert and long-lasting. Lasting for a long a moment. Today, I still see those wide open lips and eyes. I feel like painting this enchantment, but I quickly realised that it has already been> done. Jean-Paul Goud did it with Grace Jones's wide open lips. A few days later, I saw in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York a serie of pops' and cardinals' wide open lips by Bacon. No, I can not do it. Everybody would shout that it is a plagiarism. But who knows... who knows, maybe one day I will paint this enchantment on a big sheet of paper (Ewa says, maximum 250 centimeters height) by throwing a great quantity of acrylic painting, superimposed, untrammeled. Untrammeled until this enchantment will seem far, far beyond Aberdeen Street... Oh! Aberdeen! A beautiful street, a beautiful neighbourhood. You only have to pronouce its name to smell the Scottish whisky. I have less and less strength to explain my work. I have less and less pedagogic motivation. I feel less and less invested with a mission as a prophet. But at the same time, nowadays, there are a lot of painters> who write more than they paint. Write more than the critics. A moment after, another one entered. This one stopped shocked. He also had his lips wide open, but his eyes seemed lost. He walked as a lion in its cage from painting to painting. He was amazed. He saw a lot of analogy between the anatomical plates and my paintings, he was a doctor. His enchantment lasts a bit too long and Ewa thought it was a kind of epidemia. Not a Mexican one but Chicago's one. A few days before, I didn't know much about Chicago. Not even that it was as flat as a table. Not even that it is preparing for hosting the Olympic games. Not even that the Art Institute of Chicago is getting bigger with a new wing. Today, I know a lot more. I know that this is a city of “countless amazed persons“. A city where Joan Michell created her work. > -A few days later-> During two and a half days, I stepped in every gallery in Chelsea, New York. Lack of enchantment. A thousands of works, hundreds of artists, but a lack of enchantment. There was only one Picasso (in Gagossian Gallery) and a totally unknown artist to me named Sati Zech. Except those, rather monotony. This was also the opinion of the "local persons" during> previews in New York. Totally lack of open wide lips. Oh! Chicago!> - A few days later again - > I know that in a fews days of stepping, there will be as every year the biggest contemporary art mass in the world:> Art 40 Basel 10-14, June 09. I hope that I will open my lips> wide with enchantment a lot of times. As wide open lips as Jeffery's. Art, art..."

what initially appears overwhelming in t's art soon educates and fascinates with its passion. the EC Gallery, founded by artist curator ewa czeremuszkin, focuses upon the introduction of emerging and mid-career artists. It is characterised by a desire to promote the "most contemporary artists of our time." with the bilecki exhibition, ewa has clearly done so, and perhaps bleached out the flickering sideshows of neighboring galleries with color and thunder.

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