Thursday, October 30, 2008

Senate Seeks Wilkerson's Resignation

ByHillaryChabotandLaurelJ.Sweet Thursday,October30,2008
Photo by John Wilcox
The Senate has adopted a resolution asking Sen. Dianne Wilkerson to resign immediately.
The resolution speaks to expel her from the Massachusetts State Senate. It was a unanimous decision today.
Earlier today, Gov. Deval Patrick said today Wilkerson should resign, “if the allegations are true.”
Patrick said he’s “deeply troubled” by the corruption charges levied against the eight-term state senator. “I feel personally betrayed,” he added.
Wilkerson was arrested earlier this week and charged with accepting $23,500 in bribes in exchange for passing legislation.
Sen. Michael Morrissey (D-Quincy) could move to expel Wilkerson from the Senate at today’s caucus, according to a Senate source.
Senate Ways and Means Chairman Steven Panagiotakos (D-Lowell), who also sits on the Ethics Committee, said he wasn’t sure if members will be able to force Wilkerson from the Senate.
“I think you can request her to do it, but I think you have to wait until the charges against her are settled in court to remove her from the Senate,” Panagiotakos said.

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