Tuesday, October 21, 2008

their satanic majesties request

Always know when to leave the party

-jeffery mcnary

This site attempts to put forth bits of art and culture and politics. It's soft and entertaining and enlightening...and hardly partisan. But now, we just gotta call on the gentleman from Arizona to spare himself, his family, and this republic any further embarasment. JUST DO IT. Say 'I'm sorry' to your class at USNA. Say "I'm sorry" to 'your friends' you ratted out. Say "I'm sorry", to the gallant Vietnamese people, and say 'I'm sorry', to the American people for attempting to feed on their ignorance with your ignorance and ambition. Sara Palin? You, sir, are the only bitch at this table. So finish your meal, wipe yo' face, and click up this tune on the way out of the door. Just like ol' times, yes?

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